Digital Business Strategy

Yesterday is not a predictor of today—or tomorrow.

Technology is growing at an unprecedented rate, creating a world of infinite possibility while shaking up the business model that many companies have come to rely on for success. These companies must now learn to be adaptable in the face of changes that, very often, are destabilising entire industries.

That’s why Poudre Noire’s strategic unit, Pow Lab, has one goal in mind: to help you make a successful technological shift. We’ll teach you the steps needed to become a flourishing business in the new economy through digital solutions that work seamlessly with your business, brand, and industry.

To reach this goal, we generally begin with a deep analysis of your company to identify and understand the factors affecting your current and future profitability. This analysis uses innovative and robust frameworks to pinpoint the most promising vectors of innovation for your company. The strategic team at Poudre Noire will then use this information to make recommendations that will have a real and lasting impact on your business.

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