Digital marketing and
integrated communication

The Poudre Noire team designs and plans marketing and communication strategies unlike any other agency—with our eyes on the target audience and dedicated to precision and detail.

Our services

Our marketing initiatives can be broken down into 5 distinct services. The adventure starts with targeted analysis and research based on the mandate, taking an in-depth look at consumers, the competition, the marketing mix, the brand, and more. Then we develop our marketing strategies, including a marketing plan, social-media strategy and content strategy.

Once we’ve traced our strategic outline, we will come up with a communication and online campaign-management plan in order to start the rollout phase. On the web, we’ll take charge of the creation and management of online communities via popular brand content. The social-media projects in our portfolio are renowned for their high engagement rate and rich, made-to-measure content. Our promise: to bring your brand to life, generate conversation, monitor content, and nourish a vision that puts the consumer first.

Our work is continuously supported by various communication tools that we put into place based on the medium being used—either traditional (print) or web (website, newsletter, social media, web advertising, SEM keyword campaign, or SEO).

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Multiplatform communication campaign

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