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Founded in Montreal in 2012, Poudre Noire is a firm specializing in solving complex business issues and planning and implementing digital transformation. What sets us apart? An approach that recognizes that each organization is unique, that values your internal expertise and that stimulates structured, plausible and achievable change. Our premise? That your organization is brimming with creativity, talent and innovative ideas, and that all it takes is the right approach to bring them to life.

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Our approach | Design thinking

Digital transformation is the most complex challenge your business faces today. In this complex environment, the risks are significant. To minimize these risks, understand in depth what needs to be transformed, understand the evolving needs of your customers and engage your teams, our experts perform a comprehensive ideation and strategic planning methodology based on Design Thinking.

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« We are on the cusp of a revolution in business. Today's business people don't need to understand designers better, they need to become designers. »
Roger L. Martin
In 2nd place of the 2019 Thinkers50.

Our toolkit

To solve business challenges, develop a viable strategy and a digital transformation plan that works, our team uses a comprehensive toolkit. Whether you're reviewing and transforming your products, processes, business model or even your organizational vision, we have the right tool for you to spark creativity and get the most out of your data.

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Our team

Led by Samuel Fontaine and Arnaud Montpetit, our multidisciplinary team offers a turnkey service in the planning and management of digital transformation: analysts, strategists, designers, software engineers, developers, integrators and data specialists.

Our team
Samuel Fontaine
Associate, General director
Arnaud Montpetit
Anne Sheffer
Vice-President, Strategy and Growth
Matthieu Belmonte
Director, Digital Production
Maxime St-Jean Bergeron
Director, Digital Performance

Some of our clients

Our clients

Over the years, our experts have guided more than a hundred organizations operating more than thirty different business models, from multinationals to small and medium-sized businesses, as well as NPOs and institutions. This variety allows us to create unique relationships that will benefit your organization.

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