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Digital Performance: Poudre Noire welcomes our new director

Poudre Noire is consolidating our digital performance offering with the nomination of Maxime St-Jean Bergeron as Director of our new Digital Performance Department.

“We already provide performance services for lead generation campaigns for our clients,” says Poudre Noire President Arnaud Montpetit. “By adding Maxime to the team, we’ll be able to take this service even further—notably by integrating services for CRM implementation, automation, data management, and business intelligence. Today more than ever, our clients and partners must be able to not only better perform, but also better understand their data and make the best business decisions.”

Maxime St-Jean Bergeron, Digital Performance Director

Maxime has a Masters in eCommerce Management, and worked for 5 years as part of Rogers digital team before working for himself as a freelance strategist in 2017. He stands out for his ability to seamlessly transition from strategic to operational, as well as his unique skill for turnin the technical into the practical in plain language. He is also Poudre Noire’s resident expert in SEM and SEO, and advises clients while also developing strategies for diffusion and optimization. Maxime analyses the performance of our clients’ ecosystems in order to improve the impact of their investments on an ongoing basis.


Learn more about Poudre Noire’s digital performance services

1. These services will help you better position your website organically on Google (SEO):

  •   How to increase visibility for your website on Google
  •   How to position your site at the top of Google search results
  •   How to stay ahead of the competition
  •   How to generate more qualified visits to your website


2. These services will help you manage and plan your ad campaigns (SEM):

  •   How to reach your target audience
  •   How to optimize the purchase of online advertising
  •   How to determine which messages and visuals best meet your objectives
  •   Which advertising platforms are most suitable for your needs


3. These services will help you implement a CRM and manage your dashboard:

  •   How to present data, performances, and ROI
  •   How to identify key performance indicators (KPI)





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