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Rethinking Urban Agriculture through Design Thinking

At the end of November, the City of Montréal asked our strategy experts to support them in a mandate for urban agriculture development.

Since urban architecture is a multidisciplinary activity sector, the dossier concerns and interests a variety of stakeholders—in terms of both numerous internal City groups as well as external groups. Because of this, the Bureau de la transition écologique et de la résilience (BTÉR) asked Poudre Noire to oversee the strategic thinking process in order to use Design Thinking to catalyse the expertise and perspectives of all stakeholders.

To accomplish this, BTÉR and four Poudre Noire strategists began by discussing the project’s needs and context in order to get a better idea of its scope and the overarching themes that needed to be explored. This way, the group was able to come up with a framework and working canvas that served to orient and lead two semi-structured brainstorm workshops, attended by some 30 participants from 25 partner organizations and municipal services who each had a chance to speak. 

Although the level of implication and intervention varied from one resource to another, these two workshops allowed for the discussion of various shared challenges and needs, ensuring optimal cohesion between the various groups. Participants could then share their ideas about what areas of intervention should be prioritized, as well as what orientations and concrete measures they felt needed to be put in place. 

During these workshops, our team was able to compile observations and opinions in order to provide BTÉR with a synthesis report from which the City can come up with a strategy geared towards action.

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