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Our new strategic mandate with Protégez-Vous

Arnaud Montpetit President

For almost 50 years, Protégez-Vous has been supporting, informing, and educating Quebecers to help us become better informed and more responsible consumers.

Although hundreds of thousands of consumers have benefitted from the expertise offered by Protégez-Vous, the organization had undergone numerous, large-scale changes that confirmed the relevance of their work. Today, Protégez-Vous is a strong media source with solid foundations, whose goal is to find new and better ways to help consumers make clear, responsible choices.

Driven by their dynamism and leadership, Protégez-Vous asked Poudre Noire to use Design Thinking to share the latest innovation tools with their teams. The goal was to not only prepare employees to anticipate the future, but allow them to influence it.

For the past few months, Poudre Noire’s strategic team has been supporting various Protégez-Vous departments by providing training and consultation services to help familiarize employees with the Design Thinking methodology and approach.

Through a dozen or so workshops, our teams will cover all complex issues related to the organization’s business model in order to detect, anticipate, and define Protégez-Vous’s challenges and opportunities.

To date, this exercise has helped Protégez-Vous integrate and launch best practices when it comes to strategy and innovation.

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