Poudre Noire’s message is clear: There’s a new kind of digital agency in town.

Five years ago, Poudre Noire was founded by Arnaud Montpetit and Samuel Fontaine as an agency specializing in digital strategy. And today they’re celebrating! From the very beginning, Poudre Noire was driven by a single ambition: to create a team of the most specialized and innovative digital technology experts in Montréal in order to help clients create strategies and tools adapted to the technological reality of today—and tomorrow.

Poudre Noire’s message is clear: There’s a new kind of digital agency in town.

Moreover, that agency prefers to call itself a partner—because they aim to build a technology-centred future with clients who choose to partner with them.

“Our executive team took a big step back in 2017,” says Poudre Noire CEO and Founding Partner Arnaud Montpetit. “We asked ourselves if Poudre Noire was headed in the right direction—if we were helping our clients in the best way we could. And we realized that a digital agency must be more than just an agency. Right now, clients need partners who can help small businesses create and implement innovative technology at the heart of their organization.”

To reflect this new mission, Poudre Noire recently fine-tuned their brand position and image, and today they are launching their new identity. The brand is now represented by a typographical logo, which provides the agency with a dynamic look and a sense of moving into the future. This fresh and vibrant logo with bold lettering adds character and signifies the brand’s determination, while rounded edges reflect the agency’s balance and flexibility.

A new technological service offering

Poudre Noire is dedicated to innovation, thanks in large part to a team that includes a data-analysis and performance service as well as a software engineering department. Development and programming continue to be at the heart of everything Poudre Noire does, ensuring clients are equipped with personalized digital tools down to the smallest detail.

Poudre Noire is proud to put people at the centre of technological development. All 18 members of the team are experts who share a common trait: curiosity. The team is always eager to learn and discover, putting preconceived ideas to the test and pushing projects to the edge and beyond.

Arnaud Montpetit is always involved in the hiring process at Poudre Noire, and sets the same challenge for everyone.

“Supporting our partners in their technological shift isn’t always easy,” he says. “It takes talent, ambition, and a complete rejection of the status quo. That’s what I’m looking for in every member of my team.”

Poudre Noire—a new kind of digital agency

Poudre Noire was founded in Montréal in 2012, and has been supporting partners by focusing on technological innovation and building success ever since. Our experts rely on the very latest and most rigorous frameworks when it comes to business strategy, development, and data analysis. The Poudre Noire team is made up of 18 digital-technology experts who collaborate on major projects with partners such as Couche-Tard, Bleu Lavande, Royal LePage, and CPAC.

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