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Poudre Noire – Strengthening Our Expertise in Digital Transformation

Arnaud Montpetit Président

Our fields of expertise and service offer are quickly evolving. To meet the ever-changing needs of our clients and stay up to date on industry best practices, our team is always on the lookout for the latest ideas and trends to add to our offering.

Recently, many of our team members took part in training sessions to update and expand their knowledge base.


This past June, our Client Experience (CX) strategist Isabelle Barbeau took part in the Human-Centered Service Design course offered by IDEO U—an online training centre run by international agency IDEO, leader in the Design Thinking method.

These classes teach professionals how to develop and put into practice various highly effective methods, enabling them to better adapt and innovate in a world of constantly evolving realities and technology.

As head of the CX department at Poudre Noire, Isabelle is already making full use of this training in different strategic support mandates, including Hitachi Capital Canada and ATIS Canada.

The particular training is focused on Service Design, which has enabled Isabelle to further hone her skills and learn about new techniques that help place the user even more effectively at the heart of solutions she’ll be working on. Training modules covered such subjects as customer journey mapping, search methods, and prototyping services.


Poudre Noire project manager Catherine McArdle underwent training for new methods in project management. As well as all the industry buzzwords, the principles of Agile project management and the Scrum method are an integral part of the way we manage projects at the agency. Catherine’s course allowed her to explore the inner workings of these methods in more depth.

Agile methodology is organized into different iterative and incremental cycles, where the end client and user are integrated and active participants. The centre of gravity here is no longer the project itself, but rather the product.

When it comes to Scrum, the methodology prioritizes quick project delivery so clients can better determine their needs, and team members can evaluate and readjust as needed.

While expanding her knowledge of these two key subjects, Catherine also updated her training on information security, data protection, and risk management. This certification lets her broaden her knowledge as well as gain the tools needed to perform effective project management—both at the agency and in business.


Web developer Loïc Akoha is currently enrolled in Shopify training, which consists of four certifications. His goal is to complete all levels by the end of this year in order to perfect his skills when it comes to developing and personalizing themes in Shopify.

To date, Loïc’s has learned a new programming language as well as the unique ecosystem that surrounds it. He’s also had the opportunity to work with various marketing tools that perform specific tasks, furthering his understanding of the relationship between merchants and their customers.

Loïc has long been passionate about UX and finding ways to feel connected to the end-user in projects he works on. Shopify has proven the most successful technology to date that provides that sense of closeness.


Although Marie-Claude has over 20 years of design experience, she is always looking for ways to perfect her skills when it comes to creating interfaces adapted to the different contexts her clients find themselves in.

She recently underwent training on Sketch software—which Poudre Noire uses to create prototypes and mockups—as well as additional training aimed at improving the interactions between mockups she develops in order to make them easier to understand when presenting to clients.

Marie-Claude is committed to delivering designs that meet all guidelines and best practices in accessibility, which is why she’s also been trained in web design practices, where she perfected her knowledge to create design that’s effective and useful—no matter the site or interface.


Photo Credit : Diego PH / Unsplash

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