To help ensure an unprecedented election year, the Cable Public Affairs Channel (CPAC) asked Poudre Noire for strategic and developmental support in the creation of a microsite for The Democracy Project. This national initiative’s goal is to promote Canadian political literacy in the run up to the 2019 federal election.

Poudre Noire’s mandate was to support CPAC in the creation of communication tools for this initiative so that The Democracy Project could be a point of reference for factual and impartial information and provide Canadians with various points of view. Poudre Noire also created the project’s microsite, which has become the initiative’s main hub and a platform to showcase targeted, pertinent information as well as provide a intuitive navigation, content organization that makes searching easy, and a 100% mobile experience. The challenge for Poudre Noire was to enable CPAC and their partners to categorize and diffuse larges amounts of content via a CMS that’s easy to use and a robust platform.

Poudre Noire also worked in collaboration with CPAC to fine tune the initiative’s brand image. The agency created a graphic chart that enables the brand to be used by all parties involved and can easily meet digital and traditional needs.

Visit the microsite.


CPAC is a not-for-profit broadcasting service that diffuses full and impartial coverage of Canadian politics and business affairs. Its mission is to actively contribute to the promotion of democracy and enable Canadians to better know and understand how democracy works here at home.

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