User experience (UX)

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The number of contact points across your customer journey increases dramatically with the implementation of digital tools and channels at your disposal. Whether you have a showcase site, eCommerce platform, customer space, portal, or eNewsletter, today customers expect any interface to meet their needs and solve their issues.


In other words, over and above aesthetics your interface must be built so that clients can achieve their goals quickly. To do so, our UX experts will base themselves on your business model, customer journey, and best industry practices in order to structure your data and content, as well as recommend architecture that is customized and accessible.

Count on our experts

  • Tree structure
  • Tree structure and functionality
  • Information and content architecture
  • Wireframes
  • Usability test
  • Audit of existing interface and benchmarking
  • Navigation profile and heatmap

Our Tools

Card sorting

Understanding how users regroup and name ideas
Tree testing

Validate how easy it is to access a subject
Guided interviews

With capture (screen, mouse and user)
Workshops (Top Tasks, Red Routes)

Explore new ideas and potential solutions to complex issues

Plan the architecture for your site pages

Build digital interfaces and models that are easy to integrate and animate

Create your next interface together with you before starting development


Find out how we can help you reach your goals.

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