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An informational site—or showcase site—is more than just an optional marketing tool. It is essential for any organization that wants growth, whether digital or not. And with good reason: 87% of consumers begin researching a product online, and 53% of these will stand in front of a retail shop browsing their website or product page instead of speaking with a sales person.


At Poudre Noire, we design every website with two key points in mind: your value proposition and your clients. Our team of experts concentrate on usability and performance before we even begin thinking about aesthetics. In other words, we don’t build information sites to win awards, but to help you attain your goals and meet your clients’ needs.


We develop all our projects using open source code tools such as WordPress and Laravel, which provide more flexibility, easy updates, and enhanced security. These solutions also enable our clients to be more autonomous when it comes to managing their content.


Sources : Retail Dive / eMarketer

Count on our experts

  • Marketing campaign websites
  • Microsites (one page)
  • Informational sites / full showcase sites
  • Personalized module development
  • Performance monitoring and updates
  • Repertory of products or services
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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