Portal and customer space

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When it comes to internal processes, or processes linked to clients, it’s been proven that badly managed data often results in decreased efficiency and productivity within an organization. Whether it’s an influx of calls to the call centre for questions that can be answered online, or confusion between departments caused by badly converted data, we can optimize your processes via a digital platform.


At Poudre Noire, we create tailor-made portals—also known as Intranets—and customer spaces based on your needs. Our experts analyze the processes you have in place as well as your customer journeys to determine where efficiency can potentially be gained. We will then recommend a technology adapted to your reality as well as an implementation plan.

Count on our experts

  • Audit of processes in place
  • Audit of customer journey (CX)
  • Design of user experience (UX)
  • Development of made-to-measure platform
  • Audit of data security
  • Hosting and maintenance

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