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Did you know there are over 60 different business models? And since an organization like yours generally uses no more than four of these models to support your work, this means we can re-examine your company’s ecosystem via some 50 other models to uncover new business opportunities. Each model is fully documented and includes a full selection of case studies and best practices to model your company on.


If you’re looking for transformation—be it digital or otherwise—you will inevitably explore new models without even knowing it! In fact, every element that must be transformed will affect your relationship with clients, value proposition, revenue sources, and operations.


Why advance without a plan in your strategic innovation when our team has the expertise to dissect and redefine your business model with you?

Count on our experts

  • Innovation and business model workshop
  • Analysis and dissection of current business models
  • Recommend business models that fit with your company vision
  • Frame challenges and optimize existing business models
  • Develop growth drivers

Our Tools

Business Model Canvas® / See your business model at a glance
Business Model Navigator® / Access over 60 business models
Value Proposition Canvas® / Understand your clients’ gains and challenges


Find out how we can help you reach your goals.

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