Strategic planning _and roadmap

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The future of your company is like a cone of possibility. The further you get from the current point, the more difficult it is to make predictions, and the larger the cone becomes. When we add technology or digital concepts to the equation—which are sometimes misunderstood by your teams—defining the future can quickly turn into a heavy, even risky exercise.


At Poudre Noire, we are specialists in the future. Our many years of technology and planning experience enable us to support you through the cone of possibility and create a clear and realistic road map. This includes defining key performance indicators for every milestone, so you’ll always know you’re on the right path.

Count on our experts

  • Diagnose the current situation
  • Process revision workshop
  • Technology recommendations
  • Strategic planning
  • Project portfolio
  • Roadmap creation
  • Tracking table and performance indicators
  • Project and budget plans

Our Tools

Innovation Matrix® / See your project portfolio and its impact on your company at a glance
Minimum Viable Product / Develop innovations in their simplest form
Double Loop Method / Bring innovations to market by minimizing risk


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