News from Poudre Noire

News from Poudre Noire

Using a unique approach based on Design Thinking, Poudre Noire is able to support partners when it comes to solving complex problems, setting up innovative strategies, and creating effective tools—all while minimizing risk.

Stay informed of the latest news about Poudre Noire team, new partnerships created and the latest projects delivered.

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Rethinking urban agriculture through Design Thinking

Since urban architecture is a multidisciplinary activity sector, the dossier concerns and interests a variety of stakeholders—in...

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Feedback on Jeanne Liedtka’s conference: Design Thinking and innovation myths

Like with any other online conference, it’s easy for the audience’s attention to wander. But when Darden School of Business...

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Get ready for a digital relaunch

Like many leaders, my business partner and I lost over 60% of our revenue for the second quarter, and we had to seriously ask...

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New faces at Poudre Noire

That said, we understand better than ever the role we need to play for our current and future clients—as well as society as...

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New roles to support our continued growth

ISABELLE BARBEAU CX Strategist & CX Team Lead With over 8 years of experience in digital marketing, Isabelle is known...

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Investissement Québec launches « Productivité Innovation »

With this new program, Investissement Québec wants to encourage entrepreneurs as well as business leaders to concretely commit...

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Digital strategy mandate with Hitachi Capital Canada

This mandate included some 15 workshops, internal and external interviews, and an in-depth analysis of their competitive environment,...

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Digital performance: Poudre Noire welcomes our new director

“We already provide performance services for lead generation campaigns for our clients,” says Poudre Noire President Arnaud...

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Poudre Noire strengthening our expertise in digital transformation

Recently, many of our team members took part in training sessions to update and expand their knowledge base.  A new Design...

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