Hitachi Capital Canada


Commercial financing and loans


Strategic and ideation thinking

Business model innovation

Roadmap and digital transformation planning

Hitachi Capital Canada

Key highlights

Some 15 ideation workshops with internal teams

A reimagined digital business model

A complete roadmap

« Our team at Hitachi Capital Canada greatly appreciated Poudre Noire throughout this mandate. Their professionalism and ability to quickly grasp the company’s challenges and our industry were very impressive. We were very satisfied with the work and conclusions that Poudre Noire developed for us. »
François Nantel
President at Hitachi Capital Canada

A complete look at the organization

Through more than 15 workshops with senior management, department teams, and the project steering committee—as well as a full analysis of the competition—our experts were able to draw a clear picture of the company’s internal and external environments. This led to a series of recommendations in three phases: internal efficiency, future business models, and customer experience (CX).

Efficiency and productivity

With a much clearer map showing the interaction between each company department, Hitachi Capital Canada’s senior management was able to determine what gaps were leading to a loss in efficiency, as well as understand how technology could help close those gaps. This was followed by a series of recommendations on the use of certain software and more efficient data management.

Transforming the business model

Like in any industry faced with digital transformation, consumer needs evolve, the competitive dynamic changes, and innovative new players enter the market. To support growth over the long term, it was essential that Hitachi Capital Canada’s senior management understand the impact of these changes on their current business model. By combining observations about the external environment with the most recent analysis models, our experts were able to build scenarios to give the company a strategic competitive edge.

Digitizing the customer experience (CX)

Many companies starting out in the financial field are spearheading the digitization of customer experience. But why shouldn’t well-established industry players not be able to take the lead in this area? That’s the question our experts asked Hitachi Capital Canada. By presenting a reimagined customer journey, Poudre Noire was able to show that technology made quick and effective improvements possible in order to position Hitachi Capital Canada among the most advanced players in their industry.

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