La Tuilerie




Strategic and ideation thinking

Business model innovation

Roadmap and digital transformation planning

La Tuilerie

Key highlights

5 ideation workshops with internal teams

A electronic commerce strategy

A complete roadmap

The external environment and business model

• Business Model Canvas workshop
• Research into secondary databases

To understand how the initial transactional site project would impact the company’s activities, Poudre Noire started with a business-model Design Thinking workshop. Our analysts then researched secondary databases to get a better understanding of the company’s external environment. Following this phase, La Tuilerie decided to push the exercise further to uncover opportunities to innovate and stand out.

Customers and the value proposition

• 2 Value Proposition Canvas workshops
• 3 mystery shopper in-store observations

What do regular customers want? Or professional customers? How can the company stand out from the competition? What will digitization add to the value proposition? Together with teams working in direct contact with customers, Poudre Noire led two Design Thinking workshops centred on building a strategy based on a true understanding of customers and their needs.

Customer experience (CX)

• Customer Experience Mapping workshop

Once we determined customers’ key challenges, Poudre Noir and the team from La Tuilerie mapped out the current customer journey—from recognizing needs to loyalty. Although online sales may be a must in 2020, most purchases were still being made in store. Rethinking the customer journey in a digital era, while taking into account all points of contact, was a key exercise that uncovered numerous digital opportunities for La Tuilerie.

The eCommerce model

• Custom strategic workshop
• Review of scientific literature

To respond to La Tuilerie’s specific challenges, Poudre Noire reviewed the scientific literature and put together a custom-made workshop with senior management to study various scenarios. This allowed us to finalize details and strategy and, more importantly, generate discussions beyond what eCommerce model the company should adopt.

Technology system audit

• 4 platforms analysed

Once needs and strategy were defined, the Poudre Noire team analyzed La Tuilerie’s technology infrastructure, which was undergoing an ERP implementation. Poudre Noire then helped La Tuilerie select a digital platform that would fit seamlessly with existing systems and enable them to deliver an omnichannel system to achieve their business goals.

Service provided

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