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Strategic ideation

Business model innovation


Key highlights

4 strategic ideation workshops with internal teams

55 concrete innovative idea recommendations

1 new strategic vision and 2 new business models

Support growth

In 2019, Oatbox had been enjoying five years of continuous growth. Their subscription-based, direct sales, and eCommerce business models were not only unique in their product market in Canada, but also highly successful. The Montréal-based company was delivering thousands of boxes every month to customers, and constantly bringing innovation to their product line. However, the Quebec digital market was stagnating, and they needed to look elsewhere to support their growth and continue to evolve. To start off on the right foot, Poudre Noire recommended a series of strategic ideation workshops with senior management, the board of directors, and internal teams.

Consolidate a vision

The first workshops enabled senior management and a board of directors subcommittee to consolidate their vision for the next 5 years, and agree on fundamental values. Strategic ideation then allowed us to optimize the 3 existing business models and explore 5 new business models that held much potential for the company. This gave us what we needed to build solid hypotheses—especially for a new retail sales business model.

Over 55 innovative ideas

The next workshops took place with Oatbox’s internal team, allowing us to explore and discuss their vision and fundamental values. We added an ideation workshop to explore the 9 parts of a business model, encouraging each member to submit ideas—no matter how realistic or wild! In all, 55 innovative ideas were retained—from ideas about the business model to processes and products. This motivated senior management to get several projects off the ground, especially when it came to improving users’ digital experience and adding new products.

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